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Alex Shams Related To Khomeini

The relationship between 2 popular faces is always a good subject to have discussions about on social media. Fans really want to know what kind of relationship their favorite stars are having with each other. However, some people actually interested in their wealth and want to know how much they are earning in a year. All these searches make us find out about it and share the details of it. This time, people are looking forward to knowing “Is Alex Shams Connected To Khomeini”? Most of you surely don’t know who is Khomeini but after watching the search of other people you got interested to know about it.

Alex Shams Related To Khomeini

Is Alex Shams Related To Khomeini?

Khomeini was quite a popular name in Iran as he was the 1st supreme leader of the country. He hold the position of the leader in the year 1979 and kept on serving until his last breath. He passed away in the year 1989. He had many followers at that time and people are mostly known for his work. According to many people, he was a great politician and people really appreciated his work. He followed the footsteps of his grandfather and father but still, he managed to create his own name. Not only a politician but was also an author and penned more than forty books. He has also written many articles in newspapers.

Apart from it, he worked as a public speaker and he had a good relationship with citizens. His great work made him separate from others and that is why even after his passing so many years people are talking about him and are keen to know what kind of link he has with Alex Shams. The entire name of Khomeini is Ruhollah Khomeini, however, several people know him as Imam Khomeini. At the time of passing, he was 89 years old. Till his last breath, he only worked for the public.

Now speaking about his relationship with Alex Shams, all the rumors which are stating that he had a connection with Alex are completely wrong. Both have no such link and they don’t even know each other. Ruhollah had several children and grandchildren but Alex has not belonged to his family. As both names are suggesting, they don’t belong to similar countries. Now you all must be thinking that if both have not any kind of relationship then why people are talking about it? So, the simple reason is that Alex Shams has recently made a tweet related to him. He posted the photos and work of Ruhollah where he shares a glimpse of Khomeini’s house. It looks like, Alex has a great interest in the politics of Iran and that is why he shared the tweet of an Iranian politician.

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