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Harrison Okene

It is always exciting to hear an interview, with someone who did something brave as it inspires us and makes us proud. There are many mesmerizing stories to hear or read but some are exciting as well as thrilling. In the year 2013, a miraculous story appeared from the depth of the Atlantic Ocean. A Nigerian cook who identified as Harrison Okene was the sole survivor of a capsized tugboat, which sank to the bottom of the ocean. Now many of you are thinking why his name is in the talk of the town and what makes his tale so extraordinary is that he survived for 3 days in an air pocket, 30 meters deep underwater, until he was ultimately saved.

Harrison Okene

Harrison Okene Interview

The survival of Okene has been dubbed one of the most incredible underwater survival tales ever recorded. Now if you are interested to know about the story of Harrison Okene. The 29-year-old cook, Okene on board the Jascon 4 tugboat when the vessel overturned. Sending him plunging into the freezing waters of the Atlantics. According to the reports, the incident had happened of the sudden swell that rocked the drive out the balance. The towboat which was holding a heavy load sank rapidly and captured the crew members inside. At that time, the cook was in the restroom, handle to runaway the doomed vessel by discovering his way to ordinary turbulence in the overturned hull of the ship.

For the next 3 days, he remained captured in the dark and cold waters of the Atlantic. He survived without food and water and even there was no way to communicate with the outer globe. He literally leaves hope but on the 3rd day, DCN Global, the team of divers from the South African firm was on a mission to get back the bodies of the crew members who lost their lives. When they entered a tugboat, they get surprised after watching Okene, the lone survivor who was captured in an air pocket. However, it was not easy to rescue him, as the rescue mission was a tough task.

The diver had to sign or guide him with the help of the maze of the corridors of the sunken vessel and debris in order to reach the surface safely. In the spite of the odds, the 29-year-old eventually saved him and brought him back to the normal surface. The reports state that the sole victim had been trapped in the submerged tugboat at the depth of estimated 30 meters which is a menacing depth for humans to dive to sans the real and proper training and equipment. After his astonishing rescue, the cook talked about his tale in interviews with many news media channels.

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