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We are already suffering many problems and crimes and instead of decreasing the problems, it is constantly increasing. Most of the shooting cases have occurred in the last 3 years and people are keen to know the latest shooting case. As per the latest report, the recent shooting incident happened in the Hamburg shooting where 8 individuals lost their lives and several individuals want to know about the suspect. As per local media, the event at the Witness center of Jehovah occurred on Thursday, 9th March 2023 at around 09:00 PM. As per police, inquiries into the motivations of the attacks are ongoing.

Phillip F Arrested

Phillip F Arrested Hamburg Shooting Suspect

As per cops, an open firing spree assassinated 8 individuals and many others severely hurt in Hamburg located in Germany. Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, explains the event as “a lethal act of violence” and states his thoughts are with the sufferers. Although less common than in the US, shootings occasionally occur in Germany. 2 individuals were assassinated when the shooter began fire outside a synagogue in the eastern city of Halle in the month of October 2019. A man opened fire on students in a lecture hall at Heidelberg University in southwest Germany in the month of January 2022.

Phillip F Arrested

In this incident, many people lost their lives. Several people were assassinated in the mass shooting that occurred in the year 2020 at 2 shisha bars located in Hanau. The police lodged the case and take the matter seriously and state that an ex-member of the religious community, is alleged of being behind the open firing rampage that also left many others seriously wounded. Though, as the matter is still fine, no details related to the detaining of Phillip F have been made public. The suspect is watched in the CCTV footage standing by the window with an object in front of him.

Phillip F Arrested

Police carefully checked the footage and the video, the shot can also be heard echoing throughout the built-up region. 15 continuous shots can be heard ringing out as the claimed shooter begins to Fire on the structure in one of the many bursts of open firing. The dead body was there for the study bible that began at around 07:00 PM ad the Witness church of Jehovah. As per the reports, the attack started at around 09:00 PM, 2 hours later, and cops comes up after 15 minutes after the incident.

Later on, the police mouthpiece states that police officers were probing whether the killer was one of many sufferers found at the crime scene. Holger Vehren, the mouthpiece of Hamburg Police, when the police officers comes up at the crime scene of the call, they found dead and wounded individuals on the ground floor where an event was occurring.

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