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The Voice Australia is back with another season. People are curious to know more about The Voice Australia 2023. You will get complete details about The Voice Australia 2023 in this article. Keep reading for more information.

The Voice Australia 2023

The Voice Australia 2023 Concept

The Voice Australia is a singing reality show. All the talented people who have practiced their singing skills can show up in the show. The singers sit with the chairs turned on the other side. The singers sing in the audition. They have to sing while the judges cannot see them. All the judges have to decide to select them or take them in their team by listening to their voices. This helps in lowering the other facts’ involvement. They press the buzzer and the chair turns towards the contestant. If they do not press the buzzer, the chair does not turn till the performance ends. In the end, the ones who have turned their chairs open the path for the contestant for being in their team. If there are multiple coaches who have pressed the buzzer, the contestant can choose which team he/she wants to be in. The show runs in different countries with different names example, The Voice America, and The Voice India.

The Voice Australia 2023

The Voice Australia 2023 Coaches:

The current season will have Jason Derulo in place of Keith Urban. Jason looks quite excited about The Voice Australia 2023. Jason also mentions that Australia is my favorite place and The Voice is a show that always excites me. The other coaches will be Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy, and Guy Sebastian. People are curious to know more about the reason behind Keith leaving The Voice Australia 2023. The reason behind Keith leaving The Voice is said to be his willingness to spend more time with his family and loved ones.

The Voice Australia 2023

Keith has mentioned that he wants to give more time to his family now. The time spent was good for him. He also said that he loves the show and can come back too. It is not the end. Guy Sebastian is coaching on the show since 2019 while Rita and Jessica joined in 2021. Keith was also in the first season of The Voice in 2012. He left te show but came back in 2021. This was all about the coaches of The Australia 2023. Let us have more details about the cast of The Australia 2023.

The Voice Australia 2023

Who Are In The Cast Of The Voice Australia 2023?

There has not been any confirmation about the contestants and cast names. It is yet to be revealed. There are 100 singers that are said to be given a chance for the blind audition. The judges need to select 48 contestants out of 100. Each coach takes 12 singers in their team. There they have to do a sing-off against the other member of the team. This was all about the cast and contestants of the show. Let us now have details about a host of The Voice Australia 2023. The participants take part in the show majorly from the country. There are sometimes participants from another country also. There will be talented people from all over the country and there will be a lot of fun watching them all and being in this journey of getting the winner for the season.

The Voice Australia 2023

Host Of The Voice Australia 2023:

The Voice Australia 2023 is said to be hosted by Sonia. She hosted the show earlier also. She was the host in 2015 along with Darren McMullen. She hosted the next four seasons until 2019 by herself alone. She took a break in the 2020 season which was hosted by Renee Bargh and Darren McMullen. However, she came back in 2021 and is hosting the show continuously. People are curious to know about the premiere of the show.

When Will The Voice Australia 2023 Start Date?

The Voice Australia 2023 will start in late 2023. The final date has not been announced yet. We will update you as soon as we get the details about the premiere of The Voice Australia 2023. The show will be telecast on channels 7 and 7plus. The shooting is said to be already started in May at Fox Studios in Sydney. Predictions are said to be made about the show’s commencement in August-September.

The Winning Prize Of The Voice Australia 2023:

The previous season of The Voice Australia 2023 was won by Lachie Gill with a cash prize of $100000. the current season also expects a similar cash prize. They also give a contract for a song recording at Universal Music Australia. This was all about The Voice Australia 2023. There have been a lot of expectations from the show. The prize money and the singing contract are definitely the things that can boost fresh talent. They get recognition from people and people also started listening to their individual productions or tracks. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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