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People are curious about Sophie Brussaux trainer as the rumor of them having an affair has been circulating on the internet. This article will also provide you with insight into her age and her children as well.

Former model Sophie Brussaux now has a prosperous career as a painter. Under the name Rosee Divine, she once made appearances in music videos.

The artist’s vibrant portraits of well-known people, like Frida Kahlo, the Obamas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Winehouse, and others, combine surrealism, symbolism, and pop art.

The former model is the creator and artistic leader of Arts Help, a nonprofit organization that distributes content from artists across all genres on all platforms, collaborates with major institutions to create works for social change and offers free master’s courses.

Moreover, the painter was exposed to a large audience after the famous singer Drake revealed that she was the mother of his son. And people are curious about more of her personal life.

Drake Wife Sophie Brussaux Trainer And Affair Rumors Explained

Recently, there have been heated discussions over Drake’s wife’s trainer among many individuals on the internet.

Sophie trains under her coach, Hamza Lavezzi, for street fighting. She has earlier expressed her love for the sport through her social media platforms and articles.

Sophie Brussaux TrainerSophie is an accomplished visual artist who wants to change the world via her work. (Source: Instagram)

On February 2, 1986, Hamza Lavezzi was born in France. Being the wife of Drake’s personal trainer has put him in the public eye. Many think that the artist has been having an affair with her trainer.

However, the rumor is circulating that the painter is having an affair with her trainer, as a picture went viral of a blond man with pale skin who was alleged to be the father of her son, who had similar features.

The rumors turned out to be false, as it was reported that the singer, Drake’s mother, also has blond hair and a pale skin tone like her grandson, stating it was genetics.

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Sophie Brussaux Age – Revealed

The former model was born in Bordeaux, France on August 1, 1989. She will be 43 years old as of [2023].

Before coming to America to pursue modeling, the artist attended a French institution to study French literature, commerce, and finance.

Sophie BrussauxThe reality program “Real Mistresses of Atlanta” cast Sophie Brussaux, who at the time went as Rosee Divine. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, she has graced the covers of several glamorous publications and appeared in a number of music videos.

Sophie initially began her career in the adult entertainment sector before switching to being an artist. She also participated in a number of exhibitions in important cities like Milan and New York, where some of her very vibrant works of art were on display.

The painter gained the spotlight after the famous rapper Drake revealed that she was the mother of his son. However, the couple did not get married to each other and parted ways, but they still co-parented their son.

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Sophie Brussaux Children – Revealed

On October 11, 2017, the talented French painter gave birth to her son, Adonis Graham. He is her only child, and the father of her son is Aubrey Drake Graham, a Canadian rapper.

The son of the former model has beautiful curly blond hair and blue eyes. The child had been in the spotlight since the singer revealed him online.

Sophie BrussauxThe former French model with her son, Adonis Graham. (Source: Instagram)

The former pair have a healthy co-parenting relationship with each other, allowing them to spend enough time with their child.

In addition, the painter has shared tons of pictures with her son on her social media account. The former couple, however, has not mentioned any information regarding their child’s academics as far as we know.

Moreover, the rapper Drake mentioned that he does not want to expose his son’s entire life on social media platforms and wants privacy.

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