Big Brother BBTitans 2023 Week 7 Nomination Results And Eviction [ lastest 2024] requenayaccion news

Big Brother BBTitans 2023 Week 7 Nomination Results And Eviction

There are many reality shows that come and go but only some of them know how to make their place in the heart of the audience. BBTitans 2023 is one such reality show which is presently entertaining the audience. The format of this 2023 is quite interesting and has the ability to hold the interest of the people and that is why many people are showing their interest in watching it. The show is amusing the audience over the last 2 months and many contestants have been eliminated from the show.

Big Brother BBTitans 2023 Week 7 Nomination Results And Eviction

Big Brother BBTitans 2023 Week 7 Nomination & Elimination

After the BBtitans Week, 7 Head of House games triumphed by Royals (Tsatsii and Ebubu), and all 16 remaining housemates go ahead into the diary room individually in order to make their nomination of 2 housemate pairs they want to eliminate from the house of BB Titans at the time of Week 7. The nominated contestants will be evicted from the show on Sunday, 5th March 2023. The fans are quite worried and keen to know whose journey is ending by the end of this week.

1 Nelisa & Yemi Cregx – (Yelisa) Juiovla & Juvone
2 Tsatsii & Ebubu – (Royals) Juvone & Khosicle
3 Khosi & Miracle – (Khosicle) Juiovla & Kaniva
4 Olivia & Juicy Jay – (Juiovla) Blaqleng & Yelisa
5 Ipeleng & Blaqboi – (Blaqleng) Juiovla & Yelisa
6 Blue Avia & Kanaga Jnr – (Kaniva) Juiovla & Khosicle
7 Yvonne & Justin – (Juvone) Khosicle & Yelisa
8 Nana & Thabang – (Thabana) Kaniva & Yelisa
1 Juvone 2
2 Juiovla 4
3 Khosicle 3
4 Yelisa 4
5 Kaniva 2
6 Royals

Last weekend no contestant was eliminated from the show and that is why there is a high chance that this time eviction will surely happen. This week, the Royals won the Head of House game and due to that they get immunity from nomination and also have the veto power through which they can save the nominated constant and replace them with another contestant which means they can choose whom they want to save and whom they want to evict. Now, we are sharing the list of the contestants who are nominated for eviction this week.

Currently, the Royals is the Head of the House and they have the power to save 1 nominated contestant from elimination. However, the power was stripped of their hands after Tsatsii breaks the rules of nomination. After the nomination process, The Royals (Tsatsii and Ebubu) were called and punished by BB for asking other BBmates which housemates they are planning to nominate hence influencing their choice of nomination with the indictable offense. After that BB was stripped of its Veto Power and nominated for eviction.

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