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Betty Gore autopsy report was out shortly after her murder in June 1980. Please read the article below to learn more about her death cause and case details. 

When Betty Gore was murdered by her friend (and neighbor) Candy Montgomery in Wylie, Texas, in June 1980, it quickly drew national attention due to its shocking circumstances.

Adding another layer of complexity was the fact that rumors were floating around about Montgomery having an affair with Gores’s husband before this incident occurred.

When things came to a head between them during an argument fueled by high emotions, it led to violence: specifically, a deadly attack perpetrated by Montgomery wielding an ax – which she claimed was done in self-defense.

This case was emotionally fraught, forcing those impacted by its events to confront the realities of love, betrayal, and violence.

Betty Gore Autopsy And Crime Scene Photos

The crime scene that awaited those who discovered Betty Gores’s body was nothing short of horrific; every single part of her utility room had been covered in blood by her killer.

The latter had inflicted severe damage upon Ms. Gores’s face, which resulted in its mutilation beyond recognition, something no one should ever have to witness.

Detective Juan Rivera wasted no time documenting the scene by taking nine photos after being summoned by Miami-Dade Police Department.

Regarding Love & Death, the television adaptation paints a heart-rending picture as it shows blood marks all around Betty Gores’s shower, suggesting elements of foul play.

The accused, Candace Montgomery or Candy, faced trial over allegations that she had used an axe to murder teacher Betty Gore but was later found not guilty due to insufficient evidence.

Those curious about the case can view a web-exclusive video available at A detective reveals how unique Betty Gores’s crime scene was compared to other cases he investigated before.

Meanwhile, online photos from the Montgomery arrest and trial in North Texas over Ms. Gores’s untimely demise can provide further insight into this tragedy that shook the community.

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Betty Gore’s Death Cause

In June 1980, Wylie, Texas, was shaken by the heinous murder of Betty Gore in her own home.

The culprit was alleged to be her neighbor and close friend Candy Montgomery, who had been involved in an affair with Betty’s husband, marking this a unique crime.

Montgomery defended herself, stating that it was self-defense after being attacked by an ax-wielding Betty Gore.

Betty Gore AutopsyBetty Gore crime scene picture (Utility room). (source: vizaca)

However, upon discovering the horrific crime scene by next-door neighbors –the bloody aftermath offered a different story altogether.

The utility room where Betty’s mutilated body lay lifeless spoke to extreme violence not often seen with such crimes.

Later confirmed through an autopsy report; that half of Mrs.Gore’ss face had been entirely distorted using an ax -made worse through blood practically coating all surfaces in reach.

One cannot imagine what happened on June morning when Candy Montgomery did such brutality against her longtime friend and neighbor, creating unforgettable images and memories for those who discovered or witnessed it.

Betty Gore left behind pain and questions for family and friends as they seek peace in moving forward but never forgetting how precious life is -and similarly, how fragile our relationships may become!

Betty Gore Case Details

Shockingly, reports indicate that Montgomery rinsed the blood off herself at the crime scene before continuing with her daily activities.

During her trial, she testified that she took a shower at the Gore residence while Betty’s infant remained upstairs crying in the crib.

Betty GoreBetty Gore’s murderer, Candy Montgomery. (source: sportskeeda)

After changing into fresh clothes, Montgomery went to church for Bible school with her children and the Gores’ elder daughter.

Later, she had lunch with friends. It is also mentioned that Montgomery disposed of the footwear she wore at the time of the murder.

The discovery of Betty’s lifeless body and the gruesome crime scene was made by Lester Gayler and Richard Parker, Betty’s neighbors. Concerned about Betty’s absence, Allan Gore, her husband, had contacted them for help.

Betty gore Family – where are they now?

Alisa and Bethany, Betty and Allan’s two daughters started a new chapter in their lives by moving from Texas to Kansas.

Alisa, commonly known as Lisa, graduated from Norwich High School in 1992 and now resides in Kansas.

At Kansas State University, Lisa pursued her higher education, concentrating on earning an accounting degree.

Lisa currently holds the prestigious position of Business Controller at Koch Engineered Solutions, according to her LinkedIn page.

Later, Lisa married Jonn Harder, becoming the proud mother of two sons, Sam and Jacob.

On the other hand, Bethany continued her study at Wichita State University and decided to enter the area of education like her mother.

She is currently employed with the Coral Academy of Science in Las Vegas, Nevada, as an assistant principal.

Chad Mickey became Bethany’s life partner, and they have since started a devoted family. Their three children, Josie, Betty, and Henry fill their life with happiness and fulfillment.

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